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Expanding Access to AI Models

  • Google is making its most capable AI models, including Gemini 1.5 Pro, available to Cloud customers and developers. Gemini 1.5 Pro shows dramatically enhanced performance and a breakthrough in long context understanding.
  • Google is also expanding access to a new version of its open model Gemma, designed to help with code generation and other code assistance.
  • These models are available on Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s platform for customizing and managing AI models. Over 1 million developers are now using Google’s generative AI across tools like AI Studio and Vertex AI.

Building with the AI Hypercomputer

  • Google’s AI Hypercomputer combines its TPUs, GPUs, and AI software to provide performance and cost advantages for training and serving AI models.
  • Google is announcing the general availability of TPU v5p, its most powerful and flexible AI accelerator, with 4x the compute power of the previous generation.

Gemini for Cloud and Cybersecurity

  • Google is introducing new features that provide AI assistance for more efficient coding, identifying and resolving security threats, and other use cases.
  • This includes upgrading Gemini Code Assist with the addition of Gemini 1.5 Pro, as well as Gemini in Threat Intelligence to deliver deeper insights about threat actor behavior.

AI-Powered Features in Google Workspace

  • Google is adding more Gemini-powered enhancements to Gmail, Meet, Chat, and introducing Google Vids, a new video creation app for work.

Customer Innovation

  • Companies like Mercedes-Benz and Uber are using Google’s AI to build intelligent agents for customer service, employee productivity, and other applications.
  • Google is also partnering with Palo Alto Networks to leverage Gemini capabilities and Palo Alto’s cybersecurity platforms to give security teams an advantage against attackers.

The Big Picture

  • As cloud computing transformed businesses a decade ago, AI is now driving incredible opportunity and progress. Google Cloud is helping organizations leverage AI to drive transformational change.
Google Cloud Next 2024: Gemini and generative AI updates

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