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OpenAI’s ‘Year of the Enterprise’ Includes New Tools for Increasing AI Accuracy

As OpenAI sets its sights on the enterprise market, the company is introducing new customization options for its GPT-4 API to better serve the needs of business customers. These tools aim to provide more accurate and reliable generative AI models for corporate use cases.

Case in point: OpenAI is allowing customers to connect to third-party platforms to share information on fine-tuning, save fine-tuned models during additional training without retraining the entire model, and access a new user interface to compare model performance and quality.

Go deeper: The OpenAI API, launched in 2020, allows companies to build on top of its large language models. Last August, the company opened fine-tuning for GPT-3.5 and eventually GPT-4, enabling businesses to tailor the models to their specific needs.

Why it matters: Highly customized models could deliver better results for internal use and help avoid embarrassing public-facing situations, like the ChatGPT-powered Chevy dealership bot that offered to sell a car for $1.

The big picture: OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap says 2024 is the “year of the enterprise” as companies increasingly adopt foundation models and seek to deliver real business results with AI. However, Lightcap has also cautioned that generative AI is still in the experimental stages.

What they’re saying: “We feel increasingly that the market is pulling us toward real applications, delivering real business results with a really broad focus on AI enablement, and we’re ready to support our customers with that,” Lightcap said.

The bottom line: OpenAI’s new customization tools for the GPT-4 API aim to make generative AI more accurate and useful for enterprise customers, as the company shifts its focus to the business market. This reflects the growing demand for practical AI applications that can deliver tangible results for companies.

OpenAI’s ‘year of the enterprise’ includes new tools for increasing AI accuracy - The Verge

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