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Mark Zuckerberg Sees 3 Ways AI Will Become a “Massive Business” for Meta

Driving the news: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become “more ambitious and optimistic” about the company’s ability to lead in AI. He plans to spend up to $40 billion this year, largely on AI investments.

The big picture: Zuckerberg outlined three specific ways he believes AI can become a “massive business” for Meta in the coming years:

  • Business messaging: Developing generative AI tools that allow companies to automate customer interactions and handle more complex tasks. Zuckerberg sees this as a “nearer term opportunity,” potentially less than 5 years away.
  • Ads in AI interactions: Inserting ads or paid content into the AI-powered experiences and recommendations provided to users. This plays to Meta’s core advertising business model.
  • Selling access to AI models: Charging companies and users to access Meta’s larger, more advanced AI models, moving away from the current “open source” approach.

Why it matters: After the metaverse investments spooked investors, Zuckerberg is trying to demonstrate a clearer path for AI to drive significant revenue and profits for Meta in the coming years. However, he acknowledges that realizing these opportunities is a “long-term” prospect.

The bottom line: Meta is betting big on AI as its next major growth driver, but Zuckerberg must convince investors that the company can execute on a profitable AI strategy, unlike its previous high-profile tech pivot to the metaverse.

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